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kitchen renovation london ontario    kitchen renovation london ontario

Minor Repairs in the Kitchen to Major Renovation
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Kitchen Remodeling and Home Design
Perfect Handyman for a Perfect Kitchen Makeover in London Ontario
Your kitchen takes a lot of heat, figuratively and literally! It is one of the most used parts of the home. So, it is essential that it suits your needs. If you think that your kitchen needs a makeover, hire Perfect Handyman. We are the perfect fit for kitchen repair and renovation. We work hard to make your kitchen a warm, welcoming and comfortable place for your family members.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling
Are you thinking of selling your old home because of a small kitchen space? With property rising phenomenally in London Ontario Area, it is not wise to buy a new home. Instead, work with us. Perfect Handyman will design a spacious and modern-looking kitchen for you. We can install Ikea kitchens easily. Our team of experienced handymen, painters, carpenters and plumbers will go the extra mile in remodeling the kitchen.

Cabinet Installation and Repair
It is best to change the cabinets if they do not match the look of the kitchen. We can install glass doors to the cabinets and create an illusion of space. It will also become a display for your favorite dishes and stemware. You may consider it a DIY job but it is time-consuming job best left to the experts. Call Perfect Handyman for installing new cabinets and repairing old ones.

Backsplash Installation Service
A good kitchen backsplash will save you spending money on painting the walls. It comes in variety of designs. However, a pertinent backsplash design that matches the theme of the kitchen augments its beauty. When it comes to backsplash installation, trust the experts.

Countertop Installation
A strong countertop will ensure that cooking food for your family doesn’t become tedious. Perfect Handyman has worked with different types of countertops material such as plastic laminate, granite, quartz, marble, wood, etc. We will install countertop efficiently and ensure that your kitchen looks top-notch.

Repair Plumbing Issues
Leaky faucets, dripping pipes, blocked garbage disposal and clogged kitchen sinks are common problems that homeowners face. Hire our experienced plumbers who will clean the plumbing system and make things right. If you are interested modern water-efficient plumbing system, we will install one correctly for you.

Installation of Light Fixtures
The right lighting in the kitchen can turn a drab-looking kitchen into a dazzling one. We will install task lighting at the countertop and pendant lighting over the kitchen island. Our expertise lies in handling different type lighting fixtures effectively. We will install the fixture in its place with the right equipment and measurements.
For any type of kitchen repair, choose Perfect Handyman. We are a perfect solution to all your kitchen problems. Get in touch with London’s renowned handyman by calling on (647) 859-3562. Contact us to book an appointment today.