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Welcome to Indiana home decor!

Indiana Home Decor is where the dream begins… This is where the partnership starts… This is where your hopes become reality…

You can be sure that your home is in good hands with Indiana Home Decor. We walk along side you through the concept, design, and build stages of your dream home. With our in-house design team, capable of all things from 3 dimensional renderings to complete permit drawings, we can help you turn your vision into a plan that can be built.

We understand that renovating is about much more than the actual build. We know that establishing a relationship, developing trust, and clear communication are the ONLY ways to give you the renovation you deserve.

“Maybe the most rewarding aspect of working with Indiana Home Decor is the careful thought they put into understanding what it is we are asking, or trying to visualize, in each of our projects.”
At Indiana Home Decor we want to be defined by the relationships we create. Relationships allow us to produce a value effective, high quality renovation done in a timely manner. It permits us to keep stress at a minimum for both parties and makes the renovation process more enjoyable. There is a palpable energy flowing through each renovation. Our clients can feel this excitement because of the trust we have between each other. This is our focus. To build the relationship based on trust and respect and to keep building on that every day.

Right from the very first Design consultation we start to build a relationship with our client. Once the relationship is in place it allows us to open up with our clients and lets us begin to imagine the most creative renovation possible. We can create amazing rooms with countless details and make sure that we always have our clients’ best interest in heart. We work with your budget and your family’s needs. We work with our design team to produce unimagined possibilities and let you see them in real life as a 3d generated model right on a large flatscreen in front of your very eyes. You can begin to see yourself moving around your new space and living in the luxury that you deserve.

“Indiana Home Decor provided a detailed scope of work on both their initial quote and on all additions throughout the project. They fulfilled their work obligations in the time allotted and did not surprise us with any hidden costs.”


Rony indiana-home-decor

Rony Thomas CEO, Project Manager / Carpenter

Rony has worked for over 10 years in residential construction in various areas including landscaping, painting, and renovations. He has passionate about renovations and loves to see the transformation of each project from start to finish. Most importantly, he loves to see the smiles on customers faces at the end of it all.