Our Process

process House Renovation – Indiana Home Decor London Ontario gives you receive the benefits of having your project professionally planned, designed, and installed. And the costs to properly plan are far less than the costs incurred by not planning at all; in most cases our planning fees are set against the cost of your project. Let CHART be your renovation experts in London Ontario

STEP ONE : Initial Consultation

initial consultation
One of our estimators/designers will meet with you in your home at your convenience. We will discuss your project wants and needs and help you with design ideas. Our estimators/designers will also assist you in understanding budget pricing, project duration and answer any other questions you may have at that time. It is helpful if you have a list of ideas, sketches or designs already available.

STEP TWO : Design

Design Indiana Home Decor
We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable team of designers in our office. These wonderful professionals will help you create your dream renovation or addition project. Our team of designers and architectural technologists will create two-dimensional permit ready construction drawings. Also, we can create computer generated three dimensional renderings to help clients who want to see their project in a more realistic way.

STEP THREE : Quotation

Quotation Indiana Home Decor

For 5 years we are proud to be known as one of the most detailed and organized contractors in London Ontario area. We provide fixed price detailed quotations to all our clients free of charge. Our quotations are structured by each task so that you know exactly what has been allowed for within your quotation. We as well sit down with our clients to compare quotations and help them understand the apples to apples concept of comparing quotations.

STEP FOUR : Contract and Schedule

Contract Schedule Indiana Home Decor

Excited to work with CHART? We sit down with you to review the contract and to ensure we answer any further questions you may have. We understand decisions and ideas will change throughout the construction process and that is why we create detailed change orders to track those changes in design and product selections. Our clients love our detailed construction schedules! We provide organized day by day schedules that are given to our customers, craftsmen and suppliers to ensure the project is smooth sailing from start to finish. This is an added comfort for our clients as not only do they know when the project will start and finish, but they will know who is in their house each day.

STEP FIVE : Building Permits

Building Permits Indiana Home Decor

We have lots of experience applying for building permits and dealing with city plans, examiners and inspectors. You want the added peace of mind that you are working with a company that does things right and has the experience! There is no need to meet inspectors or answer any questions as we take care of that process. Our certified Building Code Information Number (BCIN) designer will provide detailed drawings as needed for building permits. We create a seamless permit process as we are the designer and representative on the job site to answer all building inspector questions they may have throughout the process.

STEP SIX : Product Selection

Product Selection Indiana Home Decor

We are proud to have created a fantastic network of professional and experienced local suppliers for our clients to work with throughout the process. We provide our clients with a detailed product selection sheet “shopping list” for all projects. We guide you through the process to select cabinetry, flooring, tile, countertops, paint colours, etc. Additionally, we can recommend an interior decorator that can help make decisions and professional suppliers that can steer you in the right direction as needed.

STEP SEVEN : Construction Management

Construction Management Indiana Home Decor

Every project has their own experienced project manager that is there from start to finish ensuring a smooth process. This project manager is the lead contact for our clients and will assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. We also have an on-site foreman who has many years of experience in the renovation industry, and will work along side our trusted trades. Our number one priority is quality craftsmanship while managing a project in a timely fashion.

STEP EIGHT : Project Closing and Sign Off

Project Closing and Sign Off Indiana Home Decor

Once the project is complete we meet with all our clients to do a final walkthrough to ensure their satisfaction. Any deficiencies or concerns will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner. We are proud to offer all our clients a five-year residential labour and material warranty. We hope all our clients choose to work with CHART again and recommend us to their family and friends!