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Perfect Handyman for a QUICK BASEMENT MAKEOVER

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Hire the Best Basement Repair and Remodel Service in London Ontario Area
Not all houses have the benefit of a basement. It is because you can use the additional space as an entertainment area, home-office, kids’ play area, gaming room, and more. It is considered as a premium area of the house, only if you take good care of it. If you maintain the basement properly, it can enhance your lifestyle and increase your living space. No matter what you do with the basement, it is essential to keep it neat and clean. And, when it comes to maintaining the basement, homeowners of Greater Toronto Area trust Perfect Handyman.

Basement Repair and Remodel
Do you have unfinished basement? A neglected basement can become a cause of embarrassment. Fret not. Perfect Handyman is here to the rescue. Our handyman will install flooring, insulate the area, fit drywall, paint the walls and do everything else to make the basement beautiful and welcoming.

Basement Waterproofing
Water issues in the basement? Water leaking from the walls or damp floors in the basement can create issues of mold and mildew. You must consider waterproofing it. Hire Perfect Handyman for quick basement waterproofing solutions including sump pump installation and waterproofing sealants.

Home Theatre in the Basement
Why spend money in theatre when you can watch movies in the comfort of your home? You can make your basement your personal home theatre. How? Hire Perfect Handyman. We will assemble the entertainment center, wire the TV, install lighting fixtures and fix speakers around the basement for a perfect viewing experience.

Install Lighting Fixtures
Basements have a history of being dingy. But, not anymore! Do not worry if you want special lighting in the basement for reading books, doing office work, indulging in crafts. Our team of experienced handymen and licensed electricians are up for the job. We will install task lighting, recessed lighting, and ambient lighting to make the basement a beautiful living space.

Assemble Furniture
Got a new entertainment unit? Want to install kitchen cabinets in the rental basement unit? Interested in assembling a bed for in-laws in the basement? We have got you covered. Hire Perfect Handyman to install furniture accurately and save yourself from an untoward incident.
When you want to repair the basement space and make it new, do not shy from calling a handyman. DIY is time-consuming and can be expensive, if not done right. It is always best to hire London’s favorite handyman. Call on (647) 859-3562 for beautiful finished basement.